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Strategic Research & Advisory Services in Technologies, Healthcare & Marketing.

Since 1983, we have provided highly focused strategic services in select milieus.

Initially our focus was exclusively on the conceptualization and execution of marketing strategies in the technology sector... we became known as "the marketing wizards" among a client base that grew almost entirely through referrals from those we helped. ASH Technology Marketing has continued to be our mainstay and our #1 passion. However,...

In the late 1990s we additionally became interested in the proliferation of complex rural water, land and forest management problems that were challenging rural landowners, businesses, conservation authorities and governments, and we began investigating, testing and pre-marketing a suite of strategically targeted, innovative, technologically-enhanced, integrated solutions to those problems. ASH EnviroTech was born.

A decade later, we became involved in the investigation of selected healthcare issues and solutions. At about the same time, we began applying our strategic marketing expertise, particularly in the technology sector, in the strategic assessment of prospective investments in terms of market posture, brand equity, competitive strength, innovative and marketing culture, etc. Thus our Healthcare and Investment Research & Advisory Services evolved.

We thank you for your interest. At present, we are fully consumed by our own proactive initiatives in these areas, and thus, regrettably, we are unable to accept unsolicited new clients or assignments at this time.

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